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OPEN POST: Josh Washington | Until Dawn

Joshua "Josh" Washington
Until Dawn

Complex. Thoughtful. Loving.
College dropout. Horror buff. Schemer.

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[He may not have ever been her first choice to hang out with, but Jess liked Josh. It was always strange in the movies when a character hung out with their friend's siblings no matter if they were older or younger, always weirdly antagonistic or with one of them tripping over themselves with the conviction that it was destiny. It wasn't like that with Josh (even though she did secretly think he was fine as hell). Maybe because he and his sisters were so close.

Everyone else was off studying for an upcoming quiz, something Em had tried to coerce Jess into too before she'd begged off with the excuse of having a headache. Really she was just more comfortable with hearing That's what you get for not coming to study with us! than All that work with did with you and you still got a D? Damn, Jess!

So he wasn't her first choice, but Jess is still giddy when she texts him.]

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