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Tie your mother down, tie your mother down

[A little bit ago, Ibuki got a little-not-so-little something special. Something that should be a prize for her to hold, and something that Lucas found it to be a prize to get ahold of. Something he finds it a prize to hear -- smirking at novelties in stylings, taking brief moments to look up to nearby speakers before leaning back over a work table and going back at it, a tool sparking in hand.

He loves rock and roll.

And he and Ibuki aren't the only ones in the house who know it.

Ibuki is rocking in the barn like it's a janky, audience-free stadium, and Lucas has speakers tuned into the sound, and in the kitchen of the main house...

Low guitar chords chug and churn to rattle and rumble against the window in the weathered frame.

It isn't adjacent the main house, but it carries well enough for tired old senses and weathered, frayed nerves.

Marguerite's cleaver comes down like a battleaxe. It splits the center of a haunch. She brings the handle back up scowling, driving her blade into the cutting board with all the elbow grease to put any other savage old woman to shame twenty-four times over and back, working it like a saw...

A crack. A fissure splits the board. The pieces of meat hop up on either side of it. The cleaver sticks in the enamel of the counter.

And pushing herself up off of it, she turns her eyes to the window, hissing steam, as it rattles and rattles on on the other side of a thick, thick cloud of sound.

This is the third damn time this week.

And three is the dark, dark magic number.

Neither Ibuki nor Lucas have a ghost of a chance of hearing her approaching the testing area.

But between a couple of speakers tuned not to the barn, just in case something goes down, he hears Mama knocking five sharp, rhythmic knocks on a door. It isn't meant to be gracefully knocked on. Metal clang-clang-clangs, and therrrre's her voice, screeching insistently up, "LUCAS! I KNOW you can hear me!

"How many times do I have to TELL you, boy, you keep that SHIT down when your father and I are busy! You inconsiderate little limp prick, if
I gotta be the one to teach you your manners this time, I'm -- "

Aaand right by there.

Lucas has made it back to his control panel.

And with a groooaaaaan, he cuts the speakers. The sound dies and...

His voice comes up in the barn. Carrying some of the groan.]

My mama's here.

[His exasperation and... highly reluctant, grudging resignation are palpable. Tightening up his tone as it falls into sour withering.]

-- Tellin' us to turn it down again.

[He leaves the audio feed on. Heaves a sigh, and switches his monitor display to the door, lifting fake as hell cheer into his lungs with a nasty, suffering smile --

They both die right away. He yanks himself up to the monitor, hands down on the desk.

It's only there for a second, but he catches the swing of a long, bony arm and the wave of a tattered skirt up to something swollen and bone-white before Marguerite's gone.

She... is not happy, god dammit god dammit god dammit --

Back into the mic with a thick:]

Uhhh --

[Quick shuffling and scrabbling as he tries to get a read on Marguerite's position, ffffuck, it's a no-go, if she's going to the barn it'd be over ground -- ughckhhhh, should he just get up and go, and handle it, no no no wait --

Abrupt and shouty directly into the mic -- ]

Sugar, you might wanna get the hell outta Dodge.

[With a quiver of acute urgency - sssseriously, it's not just a suggestion, hustle and work with him...

Meanwhile, Marguerite is on a spidery warpath to the barn with the intent to rip shit apart.]
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[Ibuki hasn't been able to play and scream so wild and freely in years - not just the six months she's been with Lucas, the world's best kept secret between the two of them, but with her old band as well... a light music group, of course they wouldn't let her just shred on her guitar and wail into microphones as loud as she wanted.
That's not what light music is about. Light music is girls' rock. Maybe even closer to pop.
Cheery, happy, inspirational bubble gum garbage that record companies and adult men go absolutely nuts over.
And honestly, fuck that noise.

So of course the moment he stuffs a guitar in her hands, she slams on it hard enough to need new strings within the first week.

This time, however, she's actually being rather nice on her new beast - playing some slower metal more in tune with Lucas's tastes, though the chords ringing out of the barn are definitely loud and ugly.
Honestly, it wouldn't be a surprise if they've had to kill a cop by this time in the week.

But Ibuki's whining when the speakers get cut is also no surprise - letting out a childish "awwww--" at first when he needs to speak over top of her, only to freeze up when she hears what he says.
"My mama's here." Not scary. But telling her she needs to run definitely is.

So it's with the expert fingers of a years practiced guitar player that she gets everything unhooked and strapped around her back, ready to move on out ---

No, that's a lie.

As Marguerite is coming up on the barn, Ibuki's fumbling with a cord that's gotten wrapped around her ankle in the chaos she calls playing - effectively trapped by her own love of the guitar as the older woman clambers her way towards the barn's doors.
It's... definitely not a good sight to see.


And in rapid fire, panicked Japanese that Lucas has no chance of understanding -]

Nonononono, Ibuki's not ready to die just yet, she's still so young and has so much to live for!
Like, the last time she had cake was
a month ago, and she hasn't shared a milkshake with her boyfriend yet, and she's still wanting to live the American dream, and --

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[Before Ibuki can do anything about it, Marguerite's hand is deep in her hair - wrenching her back like she's some sort of rag doll, screaming things that takes a second to filter through Ibuki's mind, parsing the accent and the sheer volume into something understandable to someone whose first language sure as hell isn't the one being shrieked throughout the barn.
Of course, once it hits that she's actually in some sort of danger, Lucas will get to see a sight he'll likely never want to see again - while she likes to keep her mold in check while she plays, just to keep it out of the way of her fast hands and quick feet, it bursts out of her skull in a stream of black and red and slime, opening up like the hood of a cobra (or, perhaps less apt, a halo in a renaissance painting) around Ibuki, organic spikes and spines all aimed at Marguerite in a defensive posture and threatening to spear the woman at a moment's notice.
And all at once, large, yellow and red eyes snap open and focus on Marguerite, as Ibuki's normal, human eye dangles disgustingly among the mess of mold from her now mangled eye socket.
This is why you don't take Ibuki by surprise.

... And yet, she's not going to attack Marguerite or anything - while there are a few spikes clearly aimed at her, they're not moving.
Instead, with just as little volume control as the Bakers, Ibuki decides to retort to the best of her ability -]

N-now, just hold on a minute, okay -!! [Her hands go up in a defensive gesture, palms out and fingers splayed.] Just calm down a lil' bit, and I can explain everything! Girl-to-girl, y'know!?
A good ol' girl talk! You probably haven't had one of those in a long time, right?

[At least she's speaking English, now. ... Though it's just as panicked as everything she'd said a few moments before.
And from the sounds of it, she's purposefully not saying her own name. Not yet.

Oooof course, it probably doesn't help that she's currently wearing one of Lucas's own shirts, right now...]
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[Well, okay - at least her hair's free from that grasp, which means Ibuki's immediately throwing a hand up to rub at the spot that got the brunt of it with a little hiss of pain --
Only to hear Marguerite call her a whore.

... And she actually laughs over it.
Once she's free to talk, anyway - but it's a surprisingly warm bit of laughter.]

Boy, you really calls'em as you sees'em!
But, but - [Ibuki stands, then, and stops to fix her skirt a bit; dusting herself off, making herself look nice and presentable.
Her mold even folds down and lays flat, like she senses no more danger from the woman in front of her.]

- Ibuki's no two dollar girl or something! Promise!
And I don't mean any harm, either! That's something Ibuki can swear!

[With that, she bows to Marguerite - a deep, polite bow at the waist, her mold tumbling over her shoulder to the floor like her hair would have if it hadn't been entirely been consumed at this point.
And then she pops right back up, bright and smiling.]

My name's Ibuki! Lucas met me a while back, and we found out we have a lot in common! [Like sadism and a love of blood and gore. Which is probably easy to figure, if she knows her son well enough.]
We've been hanging out ever since... I hope that's okay with you, Mrs. Baker.

But it's great to finally meet you!

[This is nnnot at all how someone who was yanked around by the hair, thrown to the floor, and called a whore should be speaking to the person who actually did those things.
And yet, here she is - smiling bright and warm and acting like Marguerite is a normal person and not a nest of bugs and spiders that ran in shrieking on all fours.]
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okay, but does she deserve the sweetness NOW

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Well, of course! Who wouldn't wanna talk about their own mom, right?

[Except Ibuki herself, of course. Will Lucas ever learn about Mr. and Mrs. Mioda? The world may never know.
She's far too cheery for everything she's saying, however. Like this girl wouldn't even know misery if it slapped her across the face.]

It was mostly back when he had Ibuki all holed up in the basement, y'know? He'd talk about you and the rest of you guys, too; how you'd all sit and have dinner together like a family... he's even brought me some of your cooking, before!

[So, less "friends" and more "captor and hostage". Yet she sounds pleased as punch about it.
That last part is pretty obvious, though, considering she's... well, she's obviously infested with mold like everyone else in this house.]

Ibuki's always been a little jealous, hearing about it. Back home, she never really got much attention from her own family... [They were the rich, "stuffs money in their kid's arms as payment to be left alone" type.] ... But if she's meeting Lucas's family now, then that could change, right?

[Ibuki is definitely suggesting what it sounds like. Picture the future, Marguerite.
Wedding bells.

A sister-in-law is still a sister, right...]
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[Yeahhh, sorry, Lucas... but while Marguerite isn't looking at her, Ibuki actually brings a hand up to her mouth to stifle laughter at seeing him so quick to follow his mom's orders, slinking in like a dog that's been scolded.
Of course, that hand immediately whips behind her back when Marguerite turns again, before bringing it up in a quick salute. Laughing at Lucas for being so obedient, when she's just as bad... that's Ibuki for you.]

Err - a... family meeting? Like, with everyone?

[Her hands then come up in front of her, fingers twiddling a little in a gesture that's far too cute for the current situation.]

... Are you sure you don't wanna do this over dinner or something? It's always better to talk over food, right?
Especially with important things like this...!
And, and - Ibuki can even help, too! I don't look it, but I'm a dab hand in the kitchen!

[That's actually said with a particular tone - it's not meant as a distraction or a way to stall Marguerite or anything, but rather...
It's more like a peace offering.
Ibuki may be the type who loves violence and gore, but she's also not fond of rocking the boat the wrong way, you know?
This going over badly could mess up a lot of stuff that she currently enjoys.
Like, y'know, being with Lucas.
That'd be the worst outcome. So she wants to avoid that.]
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[With that, Ibuki sort of... inflates with a large breath, the mold that's replaced her hair raising a bit but not in a defensive stature - it's altogether more of a determined look, as if she's ready for whatever Marguerite decides to try and put her through.
And the nod she gives her really sells it, honestly. She truly is ready to help out with Marguerite's cooking, even if it'll probably end up hellish and difficult.

... It probably won't be any worse than the kinda shit Ibuki does for fun, after all.]

Okie dokie! Ibuki will do her best so it gets done on time!
But iiiif you'd lead the way... Ibuki has no idea how to get there, y'know?
She's only ever seen Lucas's parts of this place!

[At this point, though, it's obvious any fear Ibuki had of the woman seems to have completely dissipated. Not because she feels at ease or like she could take Marguerite or anything like that -
She's just...
Forgotten that she should probably be afraid.

It's just gone.

Which Lucas, at least, might be able to recognize - it's a look that she gets sometimes in the middle of her games with opponents, that sort of bubbly, spacey look while she talks that signifies something's left her head.
She even sways a little bit on her heels, like everything's chiller than ever, right now.
No one could be any more calm than Ibuki is right now, at this moment.

She'll go as far as making the mistake of taking her eyes off of Marguerite and Lucas, bending down to finally get that cord around her ankle undone and settling her guitar all nice and neat against the amp near by.
It's... certainly something to see, when standing right next to her is a mass of stinging insects that are buzzing like they want to eat her.]
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[Well, if they're watching intently, then they'll both get to see something pretty disgusting - Ibuki's not a fan of being bit and nipped by bugs, and her mold is even less so, which means it's going to bubble up around her a bit - making an umbrella-like dome around her, eyes snapping open every which way so she can see through it.
A few insects might get stuck in it here or there, but they're able to wiggle free easily enough.]

Yeesh, that's some audience you've got with you! [A couple of the larger eyes turn toward Marguerite, cold and unfeeling compared to the girl they're attached to. Her voice is a little muffled by the film keeping the bugs off of her.] Guess this means bug spray's not too welcome around here, huh?

[That's... said jokingly. She's trying to lighten the atmosphere, even as she follows along behind Marguerite and Lucas.
At the very least, it's obvious she doesn't want to cause trouble or stir the pot more than she already has.]
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Yes, yes!

[Not a dismissive tone as she says that, of course. Just bright, bouncy acceptance - more the kind of "yes, yes" you'd hear from someone being called on in class, or something...
And she follows right along with Marguerite, now not paying attention to the bugs at all. Like they're not even there.

... Seeing Lucas's expression, though - a couple eyes having turned on him by chance - a little porthole opens up in the mold on the side he walks next to.
Just enough that she can peek out, looking a bit confused. Not just confused, though -
There's some sort of strange dismissiveness here - to the look she's giving him. As if there's nothing he needs to be worried about.
She's just far too calm about this...

Honestly, if Marguerite wasn't tugging him along, she'd probably offer her hand to him.

But she does wave her hand a bit, in a gesture that all but says "It's fine."
It's fine. She's got this, whatever "this" is. He doesn't need to be worried. Too bad she can't just fire her thoughts at him like the others can, though - because there's a few reasons she has to be so...
Passive about all this.

But, hey. They'll probably come up on their own, eventually.]
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[Hearing the door slam open gets Ibuki to jump a bit under her mold bug net - and all the eyes snap toward the man in the doorway, darting a little to take in his appearance.
The pause it takes for her to study him is a little surprising, as if she's actually taking in what she's looking at.

... But he certainly looks like someone who lends his genes to Lucas, that's for sure.

With even less ceremony, her mold drape pops open in the front - and she throws a hand in the air in greeting.]

Here I am! You're Lucas's dad, right?

[- And with a deep bow at the waist:]

It's nice to meet you, sir!

[At least she's... polite...
If a little too oblivious to the danger she's in.]
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[Oh, yeah, no. It's totally obvious that Lucas is the only one that trusts her here.
Trust me, Ibuki's mind is fine tuned to pick up on that sort of thing.

But she still tilts her head a bit in confusion at her greeting not being acknowledged, despite following along right after them as he told the... others to do, really.
She's sure it's meant for her as well, but who really knows, at this point.

At least her mold does flatten again, hanging off and around her like hair would if it were, y'know.

Yet, she stops in front of the doorway despite not being told to -
Just to kick of her shoes before heading inside. It's... look, it's been ingrained in her for seventeen years, of course she's still going to do that. Plus, Marguerite would probably appreciate her not tracking mud in their already grody home.

Inside, though, she doesn't move to do anything outright suspicious - or, in Lucas's case, comforting considering she doesn't even go to stand next to him.
In fact, she opts to follow Marguerite, standing near the woman with a little, default smile.

... And keeping her ears open for the sound of threats, of course. Not even Lucas knows of how freakishly acute her hearing is - it's the only reason she's able to move reflexively at all, in the case of any danger.

For once, she's not even going to speak out of turn, either. As if she's got some ounce of awareness toward the situation.]
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[Only Ibuki knows how Ibuki will feel, and Ibuki feels...
Well. It's hard to tell how she feels just by looking at her.

Even with what Jack says, her plain, little smile doesn't change for a second.]

Nnnnope! Ibuki has no idea.

[There's no snideness, no sarcasm to that. Just a comment on the situation, sounding calmer than ever.
But once she's inside, she folds her arms behind her back, tilting her head a bit.

To be honest, what she really has no idea about is why they're so mad. It doesn't seem like something to be mad about.
Isn't it good that their son has a girlfriend? Isn't that something American mothers always want? A good girl to tie down their wild sons?
Something like that.
But, eh. She's still not concerned about it.

... She does raise her hand, though, as if wanting to be called on, before speaking up again.]

Sir, would it be okay if Ibuki asked you a question?
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[And that small, threatening smile is matched with a sweet one in return, giving him a quick bow in thanks.]

Alright, thank you! And, and - Ibuki isn't trying to be rude asking this, buuuut...
Why're we in so much trouble, anyways? Everything Ibuki's watched'n read about America made it seem like it'd be a good thing that your son got himself a girlfriend, you know?
Something about finally being a man and an adult, hitting a big milestone in his life...
It all made it seem like this would be a really good thing?

So, why's this a really bad thing?

[And with that, her head tilts - tapping her toe innocently and cutely against the floor a bit as she talks.
She just... truly doesn't get the big deal.
Everything about this seems like a good thing!

... Well, no, she does have to add something to that -]

Oh, er - but Ibuki gets why you guys'd be mad about the black goop thing! Since he did that without asking you guys first, right?
All smuggled in stuff to give Ibuki so she'd get infected...

But the other stuff is still confusing.
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[She follows along beside him surprisingly, not even really needing to do any pushing or steering - Ibuki acts like a rebel, but she can recognize when to reign that in for a bit.
And yet...

When Lucas goes to look, Ibuki isn't looking at him, but he'll catch something strange; because she thinks no one's eyes are really on her, she's let her expression fall steely and calculating as she takes everything in. It's a weird look on her, sharp and pointed ahead as she looks at everything.
Catching Evie in the dark, up above them. Even as they leave the main hall.
Her mind works fast after all.

... But as she turns a bit to look in that direction, she catches Lucas's eye, and immediately her expression perks up into something bright and more familiar, soft and worry-free.
And behind Jack, where he can't see, a thin tendril of her mold reaches up to cling onto Lucas's shoulder where she can't.

Her eyes lift to the head of the household not long after that, however.]

In that case, why's Ibuki in trouble? Is this a case like, a teacher punishing a whole class for what one kid did?
I mean, it's not like Ibuki asked Lucas to kidnap her, y'know?
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[Look, Lucas. Hustling isn't exactly what she's intending to do, here. She just... can't focus on what her face is doing when she's too busy running things in her head. That's not how Ibuki works!
But hearing the way his father laughs...

She leans back around him a bit, not moving her head so as to keep from being suspicious, and takes Lucas's hand with the motion.
Gripping it tight in her fingers behind Jack's back. It's meant to be a reassuring gesture.

After doing so, though, she does decide to talk again, even as they enter the dining room.]

If it's all up to Evie, then... is Ibuki going to meet her?

[She has no idea that old woman was Eveline. No clue.]

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Not an ounce of fear on her face. Not even when Jack shoves her forward, not even when Marguerite swings her arm gripping a cleaver.
None of that seems to scare her, even though she's supposedly a foreign girl far from home in a house surrounded by cannibals.

No, all Jack and Marguerite get to see is some sort of wide eyed, cherubish innocence from her as she takes a few, bouncy steps toward the kitchen -]

Okay! But, but - calling him my "boy toy"'s kinda incorrect, y'know?

[ - before turning to look at him with that same expression, with just a touch of sharpness flashed at Lucas himself.]

He's more like my best friend...! We like to play games and listen to music together, and sometimes he'll do puzzles with me, too.
Ibuki writes songs and stuff for him, and no one's inspired me to do that, before.

[And back to Marguerite, as she bounces a step or two closer. Her expression earnest and... weirdly warm.
Probably hasn't gotten a look like this from anyone for years.]

... You two raised him really well, y'know.
Ibuki's never been happier than she is, now.

[Maybe now Lucas can see... part of Ibuki's "plan". She's being honest, of course - she means it when she says he's her best friend and that they raised him well.
But that doesn't mean she doesn't have anything else up her sleeve, should they need it.

Hopefully they don't. Ibuki just wants things to be peaceful and happy, and she's trying very, very hard for that to come across...]
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No, that's wrong - I'm not lying at all...! Ibuki never lies!
Not even if the truth could get her in trouble!

[Surprise, Lucas, you've just seen Ibuki's main talent at work - she was never recruited into a band for her guitar skills, or piano skills, or even her abilities with pyrotechnics.
She's always been looked at as a lyricist, first. A wordsmith. Any song of theirs that hit the charts was because she wrote it.

Her vocabulary use is simple, but effective. Getting right to the point and hitting it hard.]

Lucas makes me super happy, you know? That's what's most important, in Ibuki's honest opinion!
That he can make someone as happy as he makes me. I never feel alone with him, even if he's not talking to me!
Because he... really understands me, better than anyone else.

Not even Ibuki's family back in Japan did.

[This is probably like watching a full out attack - it's just... verbal, rather than physical, and sweet, rather than violent.

Her hands go behind her back, then - folding together in a cute posture, rocking on the balls of her feet a bit.
This time, as she looks from Marguerite to Jack, there's no innocence to her expression. Just completely earnest sincerity.
She knows exactly what she's saying, here.]

Even if you don't feel the same, you gotta agree you guys did something right, at least!
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Yessir! With Ibuki's help, we'll get it done in no time at all!

[Said with her little smile growing bigger and brighter, and she clicks her heels together with a small salute - before turning to move into the kitchen.
Before she does, though, she flashes a look over her shoulder at Lucas.

Not any look in particular. She just seems... happy.
... But if he pays any attention to things outside the house, he'll notice it's gotten strangely quiet.
As if he hadn't noticed the wildlife in the bayou getting louder and louder during everything that was happening - the change gradual enough to go unnoticeable - only to go dead silent once there's no longer a threat to be detected.

After all, Ibuki doesn't fight alone. And she's always quite liked animals, too.

But, turning back to Marguerite with that smile:]

So, what do you have planned? Ibuki hasn't made a lot of American meals before, but there's a lot of stuff that she knows how to do in the kitchen!
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[Her smile goes nowhere with their collective reactions, in fact smiling even brighter with the way Marguerite was looking at her -
Only for a touch of confusion to hit her face with that question.]

J-jan... jam - uh...

[And now she looks at the floor, bringing a hand to her mouth as she tries to pronounce it to herself.
Janbaraya...? Jamu--
Jam... ba...

She looks back up and shakes her head.]

No, um; Ibuki's never even heard of that... but - she can smell rice cooking, and she's worked with that a lot, before!
We have a lot of rice dishes, back in Japan!
Ah, but I haven't made anything too special, yet... where Ibuki lived, there were a lot of restaurants, so she never really had to cook.

[Well, if they wondered where she was from, there it is. She's a city girl all the way from Japan.
It's damn lucky she was (mostly) fluent in English before Lucas even caught her.

Wandering over to the meat shank, though, she peers at it for a moment with her arms behind her back - hands laced together cutely.]

What all goes in jam... uh - jamba...laya? [She's trying so hard. So hard.]
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[Marguerite is able to get Ibuki's arm quite easily, actually; she doesn't mind people grabbing her and dragging her around, considering she does it to others all the time herself.
Listening to her explain the dish, though, gets a look of surprise from Ibuki!]

Ahhh, that sounds like a lot of the stuff from back home...! Spices really do make the dish, huh?
Is it the kinda recipe that families all have their own, special spice mixes for?
One of Ibuki's friends from home had something like that! She never did tell me what she put in her curry that made it taste like that...

[Unsurprisingly, her tone is happy and sweet. Full of genuine interest in what's happening, here.
... Of course, she's probably already realized that's not beef or pork on the counter, either.

Lucas's entrance into the kitchen doesn't go unnoticed, however - Ibuki's hearing is great, etc.
Sneaking past her is nearly impossible, you know? But she doesn't outright say anything until he attempts to get her attention; looking over at him with a tilt of her head and a quick little blink of curiosity.

Ooonly for her face to scrunch up a bit in some sort of disapproval, shaking her head "no" with a dismissive wave in front of her face.]

Ahhh... no, Ibuki doesn't drink. Her recording contract kept her clean this long, y'know?
No reason to go ruining it now!

But, um - thank you for the offer!

[That's right, Marguerite, a recording contract. This isn't just a girl from Japan, this is a professional musician from Japan.
Or something like a professional musician, anyway. ... She's also clean, and that's always a plus, right?

And she hasn't even tried to shake Marguerite off while talking to Lucas, either! As if she, you know... trusts her or something weird like that.]
fretless: and I really wanted to do it. (In my defense it was my birthday)

ok i should tag one of our not porn threads

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[Sorry that she's that much more of a lady, Eveline! Better catch up.

But she doesn't quiiiite get the meaning behind his thumbs up and smile, merely giving him a smile and a little tilt of her head as he leaves - not fighting Marguerite's grip at all, either. Why should she?
The old woman's "awwww"-ing at her like she's the sweetest thing, so of course she isn't suspicious of it.

She watches Marguerite's knife slice through the meat like butter, though, with interest.]

Every night...? Really?

[Mind if she leans on the counter like a cute kid? Because she's gonna do that, mostly to get a better look at... whatever kinda meat that is.]

That sounds pretty gross... Ibuki would probably get sick if she even tried that!
fretless: That's the real question. (Does he have queso?)

well i mean we could always change that, if it surprises you so much

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Something that you don't know...?

[Said with a further headtilt in an almost childish manner, big ol' pink eye - the other long gone by now, socket filled in with mold as it begins to rebuild it - blinking up at her with a weird amount of innocence. Because she's taking that statement completely seriously, trying to think of something Lucas has done that Marguerite might not know about.
She hums thoughtfully, scratching her cheek a bit.

Before popping up with a bright smile, even standing on her tiptoes like she's excited that she's thought of something.]

Oh, oh! If you get him laughing good enough, sometimes he'll snort or choke on his own spit! It's super gross, but it's also really cute...!
And, um... sometimes -
Sometimes, he sings to his music if he thinks no one's around! But Ibuki's hearing is top notch, y'know; nothing gets past these ears, 'specially not music!

[Here, she leans down further onto the counter - arms crossed on its surface and her cheek buried in between them, smiling brightly as she continues.
Yes, there's more.]

Ibuki's also noticed that he doesn't like hugs much... but he's totally cool with letting her nap on him! Like, like - if he's reading something or working on something small, he lets me get all cozy against his side while he works! Ibuki hopes she doesn't snore, but no one's told me if I do...

And, and -

[A bounce, springing onto her arms fully extended, tiptoeing again with a look of recall and excitement on her face.]

Wait, right, Ibuki totally forgot -
He played hide-and-seek with me a couple days ago!! I won, but it was a fair and square win!
And - he actually had a lot of fun, too! He was laughing and everything...!

[This might be nice to hear for Marguerite, but hell knows how Jack will feel about his son running around playing hide-and-seek at his age.
At least Ibuki's affection for him is very, very apparent; and maybe even the other way around, too.]