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I'm filthy and I love it

[Oh, hey, Ibuki.

...You ever been up into that attic above your brand-new bedroom? The one split down the middle, pink and green walls, furnished with a mix of trophies and boys' toys and artsy trinkets and girls' toys, unless you've redecorated by now.

Well... you've probably seen it, at least. Unlocked with the press of a button on one of those trophies. A ladder clattered down into the room. Lucas would have let her wander the space and mess of furniture as he looked up an urgent something for her on that ol' desk-rigging, and let her crane in, grinning, as he rattled off his passcode like it was no shit -- if you ever need it, lady...!

...But... either way!

After a night spent together in a kind of too small bed - gotta be something Freudian about doing the do and falling asleep in the arms of your favorite woman in the bed you spent part of your growing-up in after the fact - she'll...

Find herself alone. Nothing against her, he just -- had things to work on URGENTLY -- ...

With light shining down from the open attic. Ladder deployed.

At the top of that ladder, shinin' in top of a desk and beyond miscellaneous forgotten furniture, Lucas's laptop will sit.

Wide-open, but for the... lock-key.

Will you dare, Ibuki?

Meanwhile, en route to get something new welded together, Lucas realizes that, shit, he left the laptop behind -- starts turning back to go and get it...!

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[There's not muchredecoration by now, no. A can of blue paint sits next to the still-green walls, and there's a couple, tattered posters rolled up and sitting on the floor by the bed, clearly waiting to be pinned up - but otherwise, it remains largely unchanged.
Aside from the obvious dusting it needed. And reorganizing of everything. Ibuki's a rebel, not a slob - it's probably the cleanest place in the damn house.

But no, it's mostly unchanged. And honestly, she's very lucky to be kind of too small to begin with; the bed's short on Lucas, but it's just a little too small for Ibuki, a negligible amount.
So she's actually slept rather well after everything was said and done, only waking up thanks to the sounds of the bayou outside the house that she's still unused to.

... And it's a little disappointing waking up alone after something like that, but Lucas is as Lucas does. She knows she'll get over it, so no reason to get huffy or anything.
He's probably off building something fun to play with, anyway.

She's only visited the attic once before, however; she has no idea how to get that ladder down, after all, and it hasn't interested her enough after the first time to try and wall run up to where the ladder hangs. ... Even though that's likely something she's capable of.
No, it's just been there to her. A little cave that Lucas hides in with his laptop from time to time, doing...
Lucas things.
So seeing it open and available like that doesn't catch her eye, at first, until she realizes she... can't actually hear anything coming from up in the attic. No keys clicking, no moving around, none of that.

Which means... dare she will. Climbing up the ladder and on into the room, spying the laptop open and alone, just needing that passcode he rattled off and she stuck somewhere she can find it - lifting her left arm to pull down the ever-present arm warmer and type it in.
Time to poke and prod through his files... Originally, she just wanted to set his wallpaper to something stupid, but there's just too much to be curious about.
What music does he listen to? What videos does he watch? What pictures does he save?
There's a lot to him as a person that she can learn, here.

And there's a lot to learn of him as a pervert, too, incidentally.
It's with a covered giggle that Ibuki surfs through his unguarded laptop now, looking at just what interests him and gets his engine revving - not really caring to keep an eye out for the man himself, because she simply doesn't care about being caught.
Ohhhh, boy.]
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[She most definitely heard him coming up the ladder, of course. Hell - she probably heard him coming up to the door of the bedroom.
So she isn't taken by surprise when he peeks up over the ladder and starts talking without any real warning.

With just as little warning, then, she stands from the chair - just to turn and toss a leg over to sit in it backwards, arms crossed over the back and a goofy little grin on her face.
... And a bat of her eyelashes. Of course.]

Yeee~eees, Lucas? Were you looking for Ibuki? After so cruelly leaving her alone, too...
Maybe you had a change of heart and came here to warm me up?

[It's... only half teasing, of course. But after being free to walk around and, generally, be herself, she's gotten more and more loose with the way she acts and talks.
So any actual flirting is to be expected, at this point.]
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[With that she lets out a horrible snort, only to follow it with her usual, obnoxious, barking laughter - all flirtiness gone and replaced with her teasing, impish self.]

Ibuki can't help it, she can't! You can't just leave something labeled "porn" right where I can find it!
Ibuki's like a bloodhound! Or, no - a radar! A radar for cute girls, even in picture form...!

[Said as she brings hands up to each side of her head, mimicking antennas. Like she's a robot, or something.
Only for her to slam those hands back down on the back of the chair, grin wide and gremlin-esque.]

So, so!? When're we gonna try some of that stuff, huh!?
You can't tell me you've been into this kinda stuff for so long, but all you've ever wanted for yourself is the super boring, so-vanilla-it's-just-milk stuff!

["Super boring," says the girl who got off to it just fine earlier that night.]
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Oho? Is Lucas saying he wants Ibuki to start asking for a change of pace...?
To pick up the speed and reach her tempo?


[She lifts a hand to stroke her chin a bit with thought, as if she has a beard.
Which she doesn't, of course. She just loves to be weird.

... And after just half a second of thinking -]

- Awright, then! From now on, Ibuki will start...
Asking Lucas to get weird with her.
That sound good?

[This is Ibuki Mioda, friend. "Get weird" is basically asking for anything to happen.
Weird is her default state. What could she consider weird??]

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Eh? Asking's not enough?
Are you saying Ibuki should just get weird without warning you at all?

[No, probably not.
... But that's absolutely how she's taking it. And it's clear from her sharp little grin that she knows exactly what she's suggesting with that.

She is gonna peer around him, however - trying to get a look at how loose his grip is on that laptop.]
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[Aw, lame. But fine, fine - she can wait to go through his porn when he's done with the laptop.
So she sits up straight again, leaning her cheek into her palm as her elbow rests on the back of the chair.]

Special nights, huu~uuh?
Planning things like that ahead of time...

[A thoughtful hum, and she closes her eyes with a lazy half shrug.]

Eh. That sounds kinda boring, y'know? Ibuki's all about being spontaneous!
But Lucas really likes having control over things, right? Hmm, hmm.
What would work for both of us...

[Another thoughtful hum, though this one's more musical.]

... How abooouuut...
You get to decide when, but Ibuki decides what.

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["How dare you," he asks about the girl who doesn't even have a filter around his parents. (At least her weird, off hand comments make them laugh more than not.)
But honestly. You'd think he'd be used to the backhanded things she says, at this point.


Ibuki's grin tugs up a little further with the short, two words he says - fluttering her lashes at him a bit as she leans forward over the chair, arms draped over the back - before she reaches up quick to snag the collar of his shirt and yank him down.
It's surprisingly playful, the way she does it, though it probably isn't too pleasant. Like a cat that forgot it has claws, or something.]

In that case... Ibuki's gonna need some inspiration, y'know!
Artists can't work without a little inspiration.

[Said as she leans up into that, one leg even coming up with her to sit its knee on the chair, so she can gently, almost teasingly soft, press a kiss to his lips.
Still holding the collar of his shirt, of course. The other hand gripping the back of the chair for balance.]
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[Aw. Damn. That kiss was meant to distract him - but Lucas is a lot harder to distract than she usually gives him credit for...
And it's obvious from the way she lets out her own sigh - melodramatic and forlorn as she releases his collar - that that was exactly what she had intended with the kiss.]

Ahhhh... well, it was worth a shot!
What do you need it for so badly, anyway? Are you programming a robot or something?

[Like, that'd make it worth while to give up! That or hacking something, or maybe making a shitpost online somewhere.
Ibuki's not too hard to amuse.]
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[Well, joking though it may be, the hair ruffle still gets a cute little giggle out of her - and a free hand goes up to cover his hand, the look on her face replaced with a curious little smile.]

Iiiiis iiiiit... something Ibuki can play with, too?

[She likes machines, but especially ones that she can play with!
Not that she can think of any off the top of her head, mind you.

She's just excited at the prospect. And the idea that she might get to go through his porn later.]
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Awwww, really?

[Said through a pout like some kind of toddler being told she can't play in the rain or she'll catch a cold.]

Can you make machines that Ibuki can break, then? Temporary machines!
For breaking purposes!

Like how Ibuki would buy guitars for breaking purposes!

[Which was a very expensive hobby, but it's not like she really knows the value of a dollar.]