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LUCAS BAKER ([personal profile] 1019) wrote in [community profile] horpsesandco2017-08-03 07:36 pm

I'm filthy and I love it

[Oh, hey, Ibuki.

...You ever been up into that attic above your brand-new bedroom? The one split down the middle, pink and green walls, furnished with a mix of trophies and boys' toys and artsy trinkets and girls' toys, unless you've redecorated by now.

Well... you've probably seen it, at least. Unlocked with the press of a button on one of those trophies. A ladder clattered down into the room. Lucas would have let her wander the space and mess of furniture as he looked up an urgent something for her on that ol' desk-rigging, and let her crane in, grinning, as he rattled off his passcode like it was no shit -- if you ever need it, lady...!

...But... either way!

After a night spent together in a kind of too small bed - gotta be something Freudian about doing the do and falling asleep in the arms of your favorite woman in the bed you spent part of your growing-up in after the fact - she'll...

Find herself alone. Nothing against her, he just -- had things to work on URGENTLY -- ...

With light shining down from the open attic. Ladder deployed.

At the top of that ladder, shinin' in top of a desk and beyond miscellaneous forgotten furniture, Lucas's laptop will sit.

Wide-open, but for the... lock-key.

Will you dare, Ibuki?

Meanwhile, en route to get something new welded together, Lucas realizes that, shit, he left the laptop behind -- starts turning back to go and get it...!

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